Sensez Studios

Virtual Sensory Interfaces Project

The video demo will showcase an ongoing interactive Virtual Reality immersive experience that engages all five senses using an HTC VR VIVE set. The VR event will have an audience member enter the VR space where they will be immediately immersed in an infinite virtual void. Out of the darkness, objects emerge. These seemingly floating virtual objects can be actually touched and manipulated within the virtual space while simultaneously releasing an explosion of sound and scents. Participants will interact with the physical VIVE tracked forms animated by puppeteers and be able to place these 3D forms into a multiple layered virtual measure which sits above and around the immersive space, creating a unique sound depending upon the layer, custom changes created by the participant, and how the object interacts with the other forms within the virtual measure.

In progress imagery

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Thomas Tucker

Artistic and Creative Director

Tohm Judson

Sound Design and Interactive Engineer

Laura Vitale

Production Designer, Costume Designer, Mentor

Daniel Monzel

UnReal Programmer, Lighting Designer, Texture Artist

David Franusich

UnReal Programmer, VIVE Specialist, 3D Industrial Design Modeler

Music Support

Charles Nichols

James Gilchrist


James Gilchrist

UnReal Programmers

Lucas Freeman


Huy Ngo

Hannah Comstock

3D Printing

Phat Ngo

Joseph Kubalak

Jesse Bibel

CNC Processing

Jesse Bibel

Graphic Designer

Meaghan Dee

Scent Specialist

Andrea Dietrich (Virginia Tech)

From Boise State University

Peter Mullner

John Bieter


Jon Hamilton

Joelle Kathryn Shenk


Ben Knapp

Daniel Yaffe

Holly Williams

Melissa Wyers

Sonya Shelor

Dongsoo Choi

Todd Ogle

Allison Hase

Build Lab and CNC Support

Daniel Cruz

Joe O’Neal

Jesse Bibel

Phil Nelson (Victoria University of Wellington)

Hamish Morgan (Victoria University of Wellington)

ICAT Cube and Perform Space

George Hardebeck

Tanner Upthegrove


Marc Aurel Schnabel

Doug Bowman

Eric Standley

Ackshay Sharma

Nicholas Corrigan

Donna Wertalik (Virginia Tech)


Daniel Yaffe: Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies